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  • Megan Cooper

Yes, You Can Start a Business While Moving to a New Home — Here's How

By Megan Cooper

Photo by Surface on Unsplash

If you have decided to start a home business but you don’t think you have the space at your house to make it happen, then it may be time to move. It may seem close to impossible to relocate and start a business at the same time, but with proper planning, it is possible. Realtor Gino Tozzi loves to see people enjoy their homes, so he has some tips for how you can find that dream property and get your company up and running at the same time.

Plan Where You Want to Live

You may need a bigger house to have space for your business and your family but it is important to remember that it is more than just about the size of the home. You also need to research to see if the potential area will help your business succeed. For instance, you should research the demographics of the area to ensure that you have a hungry audience. Also, if you think you may need to drive to see vendors and have client meetings then you will want to move to a town that doesn’t require you to drive too far to get to those places.

Of course, the size of the house does matter. If you can find a property that has a separate office then that is ideal. Also, if the floor plan allows you to have some space between your office and the living room, then that is even better so you can have some privacy and quiet time when you need it most.

Keep Working Along the Way

During the transition from your current home to your new place, you can keep working by taking advantage of current technology. For instance, you can use cloud computing platforms like Google Docs and free cloud storage and programs from Microsoft. By keeping all of your files online you can access them at any time no matter where you are in your journey.

You can also make money along the way by being strategic about your marketing tactics so that you can attract customers during the journey. In addition to keeping your website updated, you should create a strong and stylistic logo that will build a good impression and promote brand awareness. You can either have a logo professionally made or you can do it yourself free with a program.

If you do plan on taking a break from work, a move can be an opportune time to return to school online to complete an MBA. An advanced business degree is useful whether you return to your career or intend to start your own business. And flexible online courses make it easy to complete your degree with your schedule.

Make the Moving Process Easier

Now that you know where you are going and you have your business affairs in order, you should look for some moving help. If you have a large family and your new company requires most of your attention, then you might consider hiring a professional moving company. These companies can be lifesavers because many will pack up your existing home, load the truck, and bring it to the new destination if you are moving locally. Go online, read reviews, and get price quotes before you hire a company.

You can also make moving easier by decluttering your home so you have less to transport. If there is some time before your move, then take this process slowly by cleaning your house room by room and getting rid of the things you no longer need. We never realize how much stuff we have until we start to move it, so it is wise to get started early.

In the end, it is very possible to start your business and move to a new home at the same time. Plan ahead and make smart decisions and it can be easier than you could imagine. If you need help finding your next home, contact Realtor Gino Tozzi today!


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