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10 Must-Know Facts About the United States for Immigrants

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If you’ve recently decided to move to the Land of Opportunity, then you have reason to celebrate. But before you get too excited and get on a plane, you will want to ensure you know some essential facts about the United States. That way, you can position yourself for a smooth transition and fulfilling life in your new home. Check out these 10 things about the U.S. from Gino Tozzi!


Should Plan Your Finances

As with any country, it takes money to build a life in the states.

  • You can easily apply for a credit card as a foreigner.

  • Many immigrants get a stronger start when they have a job in place before they arrive. Tap the Nigerian community in the U.S. for starters.

  • You can send money to your family back in Nigeria through transfer services.

The Work Culture Is Different

Depending on your home country, you might be surprised by how Americans view work.

  • Americans are generally serious about work, but each employer is different. Some companies expect employees to put in 60 hours a week while others implement the four-day workweek.

  • You may not get as many vacation days as you’re used to, so factor that into your plans!

  • Medical insurance comes with many full-time jobs, which is excellent because you may need it to cover medical expenses.

Each State Is Different

In a country of 50 states, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that each one varies in many aspects!

  • Residents in one state might lead a drastically different lifestyle than those in the next state.

  • While federal law covers the entire country, each state has specific rules pertaining to its residents.

  • Taxes and living costs vary widely across states, and many people base their place of living on such expenses.

  • Now, more than ever, you will notice stark political differences between the red, blue, and purple states.

Moving to the U.S. is an excellent way to establish a promising future for yourself. But before you leave your home country, you will want to learn as much as you can about the states so that you can adjust smoothly to your new life. Before long, you will be telling your friends back home about your unique experiences and the details of the life you are building!

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